Running from Python

If you experience startup problems or crashes with the packaged builds of Anki that you are unable to resolve, you can try running directly via Python as a last resort.

The instructions below are provided for Windows users, as these problems seem most prevalent on Windows, but a similar approach can be taken on other platforms too.

  1. Install Customize the install location, and choose c:\python
  2. Open the Start menu, and open a Command Prompt.
  3. Type in the following and hit enter:
\python\python -m venv \anki-venv
  1. And then the following, which will take a while:
\anki-venv\scripts\pip install aqt orjson pyqt6-webengine
  1. Finally:

If that solves your problem, you can start Anki again in the future by repeating steps 2 and 5.

If you still experience problems, you can try changing the Qt version:

\anki-venv\scripts\pip install pyqt5==5.15 pyqtwebengine==5.15.0

If that does not help either, and you have already followed all the steps on when problems occur, then you may unfortunately be out of luck.