Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are not the most effective way to study. The reason they are commonly used in an academic setting is because they are easy to mark, and they allow the person studying to demonstrate their ability to recognize the correct answer, even if they can’t produce it themselves.

When you need to pick from a selection of answers, it is easy to "cheat", as you can guess what the correct answer is if you know what the other displayed options are. When multiple choice tests are designed by humans, the test creator can create clever "distractors" that are similar to the correct answer, making it harder for you to guess. Computers are not so good at this.

If you are studying for a test and you have a sample test with a multiple choice questions, like the following:

Q: What animal has a really long neck?

A: 1. A monkey. 2. A giraffe. 3. A donkey. 4. A snail.

Then the recommended way to put that question into Anki is to drop the incorrect answers, turning it into a simple question/answer card instead:

Q: What animal has a really long neck?

A: A giraffe.