Media files may take time to sync

Recent Anki and AnkiMobile versions synchronize sounds and images in the background, allowing you to continue using the app while they are transferred. Until the media files have been transferred, audio may fail to play, and images may fail to appear if those files are not available yet.

If you tap on the sync button when a spinner is shown next to it, it will reveal more details about the syncing progress. If you are waiting for sounds/images to start working, please wait for that window to show "media sync complete". Once that message has been displayed, it indicates all media files have been transferred to or from your device, and the media should then work during study.

If you turn your device's screen off, or you switch to a different app, it will interrupt the sync. When you sync again, the download will resume where it stopped.

If you have a lot of media, the initial sync may take quite a while, and if you leave your device unattented, the screen may turn off, interrupting the sync. To prevent this from happening, you can go into iOS's settings screen, and temporarily turn off auto lock in the display preferences. Once syncing is complete, you can turn it back on again. Future AnkiMobile versions will likely do this automatically for you when the syncing screen is visible.

If sounds or images fail to appear after "media sync complete" is shown, please check that you have syncing of sounds and images enabled in the preferences screen, and please use the "Check Media" function in the preferences screen or tools menu to check if you are missing files.