Anki knockoffs

AnkiApp and Anki Pro were developed by separate groups of people, and they are not related to the rest of the Anki ecosystem. They were released years after Anki was already established in the marketplace, and we suspect the names were deliberately chosen to take advantage of the brand recognition we have built up. Using Anki in the name implies that they will function with the other Anki clients, which they do not.

If you have downloaded AnkiApp or Anki Pro in error, please consider leaving a review on the app store alerting people to the fact that they are not the real Anki.

If you purchased a subscription from them, you could try contacting Apple to see if they can refund your money.

The Anki ecosystem is made up of Anki, AnkiMobile, AnkiDroid, and AnkiWeb, all of which are linked from our official website:

Importing from AnkiApp/Anki Pro

Abdo has kindly published an add-on to help you import your AnkiApp and Anki Pro decks into Anki.